All:Starz - December 2016

Just before the Summer Break, our All:Starz children were each given £2 and asked to make it "grow". They did a marvellous job! In September, we all went to Sav's shop and spent the £60 they had raised on food for the Wellingborough Food Bank. Well done, children!

In the Autumn term, we learned a bit more about the Roman centurion Saul, and how his life was completely changed when he became a Christian - Paul. He had many dreadful experiences as he travelled to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, including imprisonment, earthquake and shipwreck. But, he steadfastly trusted in God and Jesus - what an example to us today.

By the time you read this, we will be happily looking forward to Christmas, and celebrating Jesus' birth once again. Our term ends with the usual Christmas party on 15th December, but we hope you will join us for the All:starz Nativity service on Sunday 18th December, at 2:30pm.

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