Newsletter September 2021

Daddy, will you carry me?

Come on, let’s go for a walk along the beach! It’s a beautiful day and there is a lot going on.

Look at the children enjoying icecreams, dads busy building sandcastles for toddlers, teenagers playing cricket, listen to the squeals of delight as the little ones run in and out of the freezing water. The pier is as busy as ever, crowded with holiday makers and the artist is there painting the scene in front of him. The fishing boats are just coming in with their night’s catch; the children love to be lifted up to peep in at the lobsters and crabs, elastic bands around their claws and, yes, that strong fishy smell!

It was a really rough sea yesterday, not sure if that affects the amount the fishermen can catch but it’s all calm today.


As I walk by the shore, the tide coming in and washing our feet, I notice footprints; a set of adult prints and then, obviously a child’s set. They wander towards the water’s edge then get swallowed up by the rush of waves. I look out to sea, the sun glinting on the surface and the boats bobbing about. I am aware it is quite stony now, but not for long, the sand is back. I look for the footprints I was following but..wait a minute…where are they? I notice the distinctive larger prints are still clearly visible, but the child’s have disappeared. Has the child run back to mum? No, it doesn’t look as if that is the case. Oh, of course, the stones! That brings back memories of when our children were small. ‘Please, mum, pick me up, its hurting my feet!’ Too rough for a child’s tender toes. So yes, Dad has come to the rescue.

I recall that lovely assuring text in 1 Peter ch5 v 7, ‘Cast all your cares on him, for He cares for you.’

We have a loving God who cares about us and loves us. He’s not just interested in the big worries that keep us tossing and turning at night, he wants to be involved in every detail of our lives, even the small things that we think are insignificant to God. 

The hymn writer wrote,

O let me see Thy footmarks, and in them plant my own; 
My hope to follow duly is in Thy strength alone.


Things are beginning to restart after the months of Covid. We were so pleased to be able to meet together in person and even more delighted when we were allowed to SING ! We are a small, friendly group of people who meet at 2.30pm on Sunday afternoons and you would be most welcome to join us any time.

Jan is pleased that she is able to welcome people back to Coffee Morning every Thursday morning from 10amnstarting on 2nd September. The annual Macmillan Coffee Morning fund raiser will be on 23rdSeptember. Please make a note in your diaries and come to support this worthwhile cause.


TLC Bitesize@10 is a new venture that Ellie is heading up. Relaxing time to share with friends - bacon rolls, coffee, tea, juices and a 10 minute ‘Thought for the day’ all on offer along with a chance to catch up with friends after the last difficult times we’ve all gone through.

 Put this date in your diary 10am on Sunday 5th September and then every 1st Sunday of each month.


A weekend NOT to be missed!

After having to change dates several times due to Covid, we are absolutely delighted to say that our special guests, Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson are coming to TLC on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rdOctober.

Marilyn became blind as a child and has an amazing story to tell. 


With an obvious gift for music, she trained at The Royal College of Music and then went on to a teaching career. She is a Christian song writer, pianist and singer with an amazing ministry. She travels all round the country with her special gifts. Tracey Williamson, who as a child was affected by an illness which took her hearing, is her personal assistant and she also ministers. Come and hear Marilyn sing and play the piano and listen to their amazing stories. 

Also meet Marilyn’s new guide dog, who will hopefully be trained and ready to come with her, also Goldie, Tracey’s hearing dog.


Saturday at 6.30pm there will be a concert where Marilyn and Tracey will both contribute.
Sunday at 2.30pm both Marilyn and Tracey will lead our afternoon worship.

Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to share in such a unique experience.

To make sure you don’t miss out, book your places by contacting me on the above phone number or email me on 

You will not be disappointed!!