Newsletter September 2019

Robert Louis Stevenson said, ‘To journey hopefully is better than to arrive’. I’m not sure if children would agree with that quote, especially on a long journey to the seaside. The cry usually goes up, ‘Are we nearly there?’ There is, of course, always the thought that the anticipation is part of the pleasure of the journey.

I walk every morning before I get ready for work.  I often pass people out walking their dogs and I wonder if they think I’ve lost my dog! I spend that time thinking and praying for people I know who are having a difficult time. To me the walk isthe pleasure!

But for some walking is no pleasure. Arthritis and rheumatism make it really difficult for those with painful joints and muscles.

Many of you will have watched a baby learning to take its first steps. They stand, they wobble, they fall. They get up again, lift one foot and tentatively place it in front of the other; then, with the encouragement of the parent…..the second foot. ‘Come on, one more step.’ Squeals of delight and hand clapping from all who are watching as those first faltering steps are taken.

In the Bible we are told that ‘Enoch walked with God’. What does that mean?

It suggests to me that Enoch was in constant touch with God, always had that connection with God and never did anything without consulting Him first. 

Moses led the people of Israel to the land that God had promised them. It should have taken them a matter of days to walk, but because they did not trust God it took 40 years. Only two of the original tribe made it to the Promised Land, the rest were descendants.

At school we have a rule, ‘Listen and follow instructions’. It is important that we not only listen but follow that with obedience. Our walk through life will not always be straightforward; it will be fraught with difficulties, anxieties and often life-changing illnesses. It is always tough if you feel you cannot share your problems with anyone. 

Joseph Scriven, an Irish poet born in 1819, had his fair share of heartache; his fiancee drowned the night before they were to be married. He knew who he could turn to. He wrote these words, 

‘What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear,
What a privilege to carry everything to God prayer.
Can we find a friend so faithful who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness, take it to the Lord in prayer’
‘To be friends with God means to pray with simplicity, just like a child talks to his parent.’
                                                                                 Pope Francis  

Try talking to God, He will always listen; and you will never know the difference that could make……..till you try. 

TLC continues with our usual events;

  • Our services are on Sunday afternoons at 2.30pm (not in competition with the other churches, but complement them and working together with them as one Christian community in the village)
  • We are a small, but enthusiastic and welcoming, fellowship. If you would like to join us you are welcome to contact me for any more information or just a chat. You can also find us on the website - TLC Bozeat. Don’t be shy!
  • Coffee Morning continues every Thursday from 10 til 11.30. Meet up with friends for chat over a coffee and biscuits.
  • All:Starz restarts after the summer break on Thursday 12thSeptember at 6pm. It is open to all primary school aged children. Fun and games, Bible stories, quizzes and a tuck shop. Come and join us.
  • Open Door is aimed at secondary school children and will start again on Wednesday 18thSeptember. 6.30 - 7.45 for children from Yr 6 and 8pm -9.15pm for Yr 9 upwards. There are games and activities, discussions on topical subjects and tuck shop. Any queries contact Ellie 07816 145187

Our Harvest Festival is on Sunday 6thOctober when Rev Stephen Thompson will be leading our celebrations at 2.30pm. Tea will follow the service.

LADIES…a date for your diaries. Saturday 14thMarch. A relaxing afternoon, starting at 2.30 with a speaker and afternoon tea. You will not want to miss this!

Church secretary:  Sue Partridge-Underwood 665167