Newsletter March 2020

Christmas is but a distant memory now.

At work we decided to do a Secret Santa among the staff. It was suggested that we opt for a gift or a random act of kindness. The name of the person that I drew out of the bag said she did not mind which gift she had… so I decided that each morning for two weeks I would sneak a small gift (a mini bar of chocolate, small tube of hand cream etc) in to her room and put it on her table along with a note with her name and a X. 

I managed to slip onto her room each day unnoticed by her. Others plumped for this kind of gift and it produced a real ‘feel good factor’ among the whole staff. Trying to find out who their gift was from was part of the fun - as far a I know, no-one found out who their benefactor was and so notes went up on the board thanking their Secret Santa.

It made me think about Lent, which is upon us. Many people give up things for Lent, whereas now, people have started a new way of thinking. Instead of giving something up they prefer to do something, make a cake, run an errand, give some time to visit a lonely person, a kind word when someone is in distress, help carry shopping etc. 

In the Bible in Acts ch20 v35 it says ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’. It is always a pleasure to receive a gift but so much more rewarding when you see the person’s face light up as they open a gift from you. When a child brings you a picture they drew at school or your grandchild presents you with a birthday present that they chose and you see the absolute delight on their face, it makes me realise the truth in what Jesus said. It IS better to give than to receive. In fact it makes more than one person happy!

Coffee Morning each Thursday from 10 until 11.30. Coffee, tea, biscuits and toast all on offer along with a chat with friends, old and new.

Open Door meet on Wednesdays, for children from Yr 6 - 6:30 to 7:45pm and Yr9 upwards from 8pm to 9:15pm.

Any queries ring Sarah on 07800 786004 or Ellie on 07816 145187.

All:Starz, Thursday evenings from 6 until 7pm for primary aged children. Fun, games, quizzes, Bible Stories, craft activities and Tuck Shop.


Lent Course

During the season of Lent we will be having a series of meetings on Sunday afternoons at 2.30pm (including a cup of tea and biscuits).

So from 1st March until 5th April come and join us for ‘ Give and Take’ and find out how to give up unhelpful ways and embrace a better way!  You will be made very welcome!

Ladies Afternoon Tea at 2.30pm on Saturday 14th March

A relaxing afternoon with speaker, Mrs Dorothy Williams and then a delicious chapel tea!

Come and bring a friend to share some time with us. 

TLC Family Weekend

A weekend NOT to be missed!

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th June.

We are absolutely delighted to be hosting a weekend with Miss Marilyn Baker.

Marilyn became blind as a child and has a wonderful story to tell. With an obvious gift for music, she trained at The Royal College of Music and then went on to a teaching career. She is a Christian song writer, pianist and singer with a remarkable ministry. She travels all round the country with her special gifts. Tracey Williamson, who as a child was affected by an illness which took her hearing, is her personal assistant and she also ministers. Come and hear Marilyn play the piano and sing and listen to their amazing stories. 

Also meet Saffie who is Marilyn’s guide dog and Goldie, Tracey’s hearing dog.

Saturday at 6.30pm there will be a concert where Marilyn and Tracey will both contribute.

Sunday at 2.30pm both Marilyn and Tracey will lead our afternoon worship.

Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to share in such a unique experience.