Newsletter - June 2017

I recently observed a ‘random act of kindness’ which touched me deeply; I would like to tell you about it.

I was in a supermarket, waiting to be served. As I queued I was ‘people watching‘. At the next checkout was a gentleman who realised that he did not have enough money for all his purchases. lle told the shop assistant that he would put some of his shopping back but a young mum behind him insisted on giving him the money to pay the difference.

I have also heard of a person waiting for her train home from London when a very distressed lady asked her if she could spare any money so that she could afford to sleep in a hostel for a few days. My friend gave her all the change that she had in her purse. The lady was obviously relieved and so grateful for the act of kindness.

Image: pixabay under creative commons

There are obviously many kind-hearted and generous people in this world and at TLC we have recently been looking, through the Paraclecsis Lent course, at how we can help those in need. 

We discussed how it is easy to be kind to those who are kind to us, but what about the stranger in the street? It doesn’t always mean we have to hand over money. Just giving someone the time of day, a kind word or a big smile may be all that is needed. Ofcourse, we may never know the end of the story, what effect our action has; that isn’t always ours to know. Our act of kindness may not make much difference to us but could make a world ol difference to the other person.

There are so many disturbing things happening in our world and we feel we can’t do anything to put it right, but we can play a small part in making a difference to the part ofthe world in which we live.

In the Bible in John chapter 15 verse 12 we read that Jesus said, “My command is this: Love each other as l have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one's life for another”.

I doubt that you or I will ever be in the position where we have to sacrifice our lives for another but we can be there for those we see in need.

At TLC we are in the process of having WiFi installed and also looking into having our services recorded and put on our website for anyone to have a listen. Have you checked our website out yet? Ilave a look. The address is

Jan and her team of willing volunteers would be pleased to welcome anyone on Thursday moming from 10 til 11:30 for Coffee Morning.

Open Door meets during term time on a Wednesday at TLC at 7.30, this is aimed at young people of secondary school age.

Children of primary school age are welcome to come to All:Starz. We are a lively bunch of enthusiastic children (and adults!) who meet every Thursday in term time at 6pm for 1 hour for stories, games and cralts to learn more about Jesus and living the Christian way of life. If you would like more information give Ellie a ring on 07816 145187.

Gentlemen! How do you fancy a full English ‘fry-up’ (and more!) with a group of friendly guys and to round the moming off, an inspirational speaker? The Men’s Breakfast is just up your street then. The next ‘breakfast’ is provisionally booked for Saturday 24th June at TLC. Breakfast is served at 9am. Put the date in your diary.