Newsletter March 2019

A few years ago we visited Poole Pottery. I was interested to read that there would be a demonstration at 2pm by a potter making a teapot. I made my way with a group of other people to where the potter would be and watched with amazement as he threw the lump of dirty clay onto the wheel and shaped the main part of the pot. It ‘grew’ before my eyes and I couldn’t imagine how he would add a handle, let alone a spout. It all came together under his expert hand apparently with such ease, but I know if he had made a mistake he wouldn’t throw the clay away, he would roll it into a ball and start all over again.

That reminds me of a few verses in the Bible, Jeremiah ch 18 vv3 - 4, there we read that Jeremiah visited the potter’s house and watched, as I did in Poole, the potter cleverly forming a pot. The pot didn’t turn out as he wanted so he squeezed it into a ball and repeated the process until it was just as he wanted it.

Sometimes we mess up in life, say things we regret, do things that we know we shouldn’t and think things that we would be thoroughly ashamed of if people could read our minds. God is like the potter, he wants to help and guide us - He is only a prayer away. He won’t give up on us and throw us away because He loves us. He will forgive us if we would only ask and then He’ll gentle lead us in the right way.

I remember seeing a T-shirt on a young child, it said,   

‘Be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet!’

We are all a working progress if we allow God to be in charge of ‘the wheel’.

At TLC, Jan continues serving coffee, tea and toast on Thursday mornings from 10 until 11.30am. You will be made very welcome; call in and enjoy a chat with friends. It is not a fundraising organisation but any profits are given to local charities. This year they were able to donate £100 to Oakfield and £70 to a cancer charity.  

Lent is the time when we prepare ourselves for Easter, which is the focal point of the Christian faith. We will be having a Lent course, as we have for the last two years, on Sundays at 2.30pm. Rev Peter Norton will be leading our thoughts, starting on Sunday 10thMarch. We would like to invite you to come and share with us. The afternoon will begin with tea and biscuits. 


Open Door meets on Wednesdays from 6.30 for younger KS2 and 7.30pm for older KS2. 

All:Starz meet on Thursdays at 6pm for one hour. Both activities are Christian based youth clubs with fun, games and tuck shop. 

For more information ring Ellie on 07816 145187

A date for your diary

6pm, Saturday 8thJune. ‘Hot Potato’ event. Do you have questions that you have mulled over for years and never got to the bottom of? What is the purpose of life?? Why is there so much suffering in the world? Where do you divide the line between right and wrong? Come and enjoy supper with us (Jacket potato, of course) and put your questions to our panel of guests. Let us know what your question is, by contacting Peter Norton by phone 01933 356104 or email or drop it into the post box outside The Little Chapel (TLC) Dychurch Lane, Bozeat. NN29 7JP.

Tickets (£5) are available from Sue 665167 or Ellie 07816 145187