Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson at TLC

Two years ago we decided to invite Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson to TLC Bozeat.

For those who do not know of these very special people:

  • Marilyn became blind as a child and has a wonderful story to tell. With an obvious gift for music, she trained at The Royal College of Music and then went on to a teaching career. She is a Christian song writer, pianist and singer with a remarkable ministry. 

  • Tracey Williamson, who as a child was affected by an illness which took her hearing, is her personal assistant and she also dances to Marilyn’s singing and ministers the Word.

Marilyn has a guide dog, Arlo and Tracey has a hearing dog, Goldie.

We emailed and asked if they would come for a weekend in June 2020. It was booked and plans were afoot, but like hundreds of events we had to postpone it, plumping for July 2021.

But we were still unsure that this was the right decision as we didn’t want to turn people away because of Covid restrictions, so after praying about it we contacted them again and decided on the first weekend in October.

Wow, God certainly blessed us. 

We arranged a Saturday evening concert and for Marilyn and Tracy to lead our worship on Sunday afternoon.


The Lord really blessed every aspect of the weekend, from the informal chat over the meal tables to the fellowship and worship at both meetings.

We heard of how the Lord guides them and blesses them. They encouraged us to recognise God’s ‘nudges’ and put our trust in Him in all things.   

We had a socially distanced packed church for both meetings (and we didn’t have to turn anyone away!)

Thank you, Lord!

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