2017-March Newsletter

March 2017: Spring is all but upon us!

The long winter nights are drawing out and there are definitely signs of growth. New life is all around us, baby lambs, fledglings preparing to fly the nest and daffodils are beginning to brighten our gardens.

With spring, Easter also approaches and children, of course, think of Easter eggs. The Easter egg is a sign of new life too within the Christian faith. It symbolizes the empty tomb and Jesus’ rising from the dead. As Christians we believe in the new life that Jesus brings in His death and resurrection. We believe that in him we have a friend who walks with us daily, sharing the good experiences in our lives and giving us strength to face the sad and difficult times.

We will all know people who are going through really tough times and we may want to give them a shoulder to cry on. We may feel that we want to do more than that, but feel at a loss as to know how to help.

At TLC Bozeat during the 6 Sundays in Lent (5th March through to 9th April) we are holding a course which we are sure will be helpful in those kinds of situations. It is called Paraclesis, which just means ‘walking alongside those in need’. We as a fellowship are looking forward to this series of talks and discussions and if you are interested in finding out how you can be of help in a practical way to family and friends then come and join us. We will start at 2.30 and aim to finish by 3.45pm.

All:Starz meet every Thursday during term time from 6 til 7pm. If you have a primary-aged child who would like to come and play games, do quizzes, crafts and learn about Jesus and the Christian faith, then come along. If you would like more information then ring Ellie on 07816 145187.

Coffee Morning continues each Thursday from 10 until 11.30am.

Why not arrange to meet a friend for a coffee @TLC?