December 2016 - Newsletter

"Life is a journey", a friend of ours always quips, "I was born at a very early age".

None of us know where our journey will take us, but it’s not just about where we will go but who will travel with us, family and friends we make along the way.

There are lots of journeys recorded in the Christmas story.

Joseph and a heavily pregnant Mary had an arduous journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem to be registered, a distance of 70 miles as the crow flies. They knew their destination but they could never have imagined all that would happen to them before they arrived back in Nazareth.

The shepherds heard of the good news of Jesus while they were in the fields overlooking the town of Bethlehem when angels appeared and urged them to go to visit the new arrival.

Wise men came from the east and had a long journey, so much so that by the time they arrived Mary, Joseph and Jesus had vacated the stable and we are told, ‘on coming into the house, the wise men bowed and presented their gifts’.

The most disturbing and frightening journey must have been when Mary and Joseph had to flee for their baby’s safety as Herod the king was determined to rid the country of Jesus, the new baby king that the wise men asked about.

Joseph took his family for refuge to Egypt (100 miles to the border alone).

There is a man in the Bible called Enoch; it says of him that he walked with God.

Many of us like nothing better than a good walk with friends, chatting as we go and putting the world right and I feel sure this is just how Enoch must have felt during his lifetime walk. God can be our trusted companion too, in the ups and downs of our journey through life.

We have all known people who have been affected by cancer. Once again, Jan Taylor held a very successful coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support at the end of September and she would like to thank everyone who baked cakes, donated raffle prizes and brought items for the bring and buy stall. You all helped to raise £257 which will go to a very worthwhile charity. Thank you so much.

Jan would also like to thank all those who help out week by week at the coffee morning each Thursday from 10 am til 11.30. So thank you Pam, Ruth, Tina, Judy, Jackie and of course Les, who always helps to pack the tables away at the end of the morning.

We must also thank Gordon Maycock’s daughter Pam, for a generous donation in memory of her dad. She bought a toaster and some mugs for use at coffee morning. Gordon was a regular at coffee morning and we are so pleased to have something tangible to remember him by.

On Sunday 18th December at 2.30 All:Starz will be taking our Carol Service. Come and sing those favourite carols and hear again the Christmas story. We will be serving tea and mince pies after the service and we would love you to join us.

We are not holding a Christmas morning service this year, but may we wish you all a very peaceful and blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.